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Small Acreage Land Management Software

GeoForst is designed to provide land owners with a tool for managing data associated with land management activities to support information-based decisions. It provides a method for tracking treatments, activities, and measurements of features that are important to land owners such as timber, soil, and wildlife habitat improvements.

Two versions are available, a "lite" version and a multi-user version:

Basic package for stand alone installs
361 KB zip file

Packaged QGIS Map with Spatialite database. This solution can be run on any any platform and data will be stored locally.
  • Data is stored on your personal computer
  • No internet connection is needed once installed
  • Tracks much of the same data as full version

Beta only

  • Tracks stand composition change over time
  • Reporting interface available
  • Web interface, no software installation needed
  • Data is backed up daily
  • Multiple users can work on the same project

*Last time updated 04-14-2016

Software Requirements:


Source Code:

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